After Wisdom Teeth Surgery and Extractions

What to expect after surgery:

You will be given specific instructions to follow after surgery is completed. You can expect some bleeding for a while, and you will probably be asked to bite gently on gauze for a few hours after surgery to allow a blood clot to form in the extraction site. Even a little blood can seem like a lot to you, so don’t be alarmed by gentle oozing of blood for a few hours after surgery.

Ice packs applied to the face following surgery will help to reduce swelling, but expect some swelling to occur during the normal healing process. This swelling may increase for the first 48 – 72 hours and then begin to subside. There may be some discoloration of the skin during healing, first black-blue in color, then turning yellow and disappearing in a few days. There may also be pain for several days following surgery. Dr. Flugrad will prescribe the appropriate pain medication for your needs.

Diet: As your mouth heals following surgery, your jaw may be sore and may not open as wide as usual. After a few days, moist heat applied to the face may be helpful, and gentle opening and closing of the mouth can help exercise the jaws and restore normal movement. In the extraction sites, the formation of a blood clot following surgery is important for the healing process, so be careful not to disturb this clot while eating. For the first tow days following surgery, eat soft foods and drink fluids, but avoid using a straw. The suction could disturb clotting. Do not rinse your mouth vigorously until clotting is complete, although gentle rinsing with salt water may be recommended by your surgeon to aid healing. Avoid eating hard or sticky foods that might damage your jawbone, particularly if bone was removed during surgery. And remember that smoking can disturb blood clots and the healing process. Clean your mouth gently with a toothbrush after the first day following surgery, but avoid disturbing blood clots with the toothbrush.

Nausea: Nausea may result from a general anesthetic or the drugs prescribed for pain. Drinking a small glass of a carbonated beverage will generally control mild nausea. If nausea persists, stop taking the pain medication and substitute an over the counter pain medication for the next dose. If nausea is persistent, call our office.

Bony Edges: After teeth are extracted, you may feel hard projections in the area and think they are pieces of tooth.

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